Why keep a changelog?

Keeping a changelog shows that you are as committed to improving your product as your users are to using it. It is a vital trust signal that shows potential leads that you are serious and your existing customers that you are listening.

I view the changelog as a sales tool: It shows how much work you're doing


On top of that, users love changelogs! Our releases, no matter how small, always generate excitement and churned users to come back. This is especially true when the updates include changes that were initially suggested by them.

Related to those new changes [the app] is sending out a nice changelog, which is always appreciated.


I really like reading hand curated changelogs. In a weird way, sometimes reading a changelog can be more satisfying than using the new version.


Yet, keeping a changelog is tedious and takes a lot of time. Changefeed makes it quick and simple so that you can get all of these competitive advantages with the least amount of work possible.

Get started with your own product changelog today and publish your first release in seconds!

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