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How do I integrate my changelog into a website?

Changefeed has a website widget that shows your users a notification whenever you release a new update. It looks like this:
What's new?

The first step to enable the widget is to add a link to your changelog to the website, ideally in a visible spot like the navigation bar. That looks like this in HTML:

<a href="">What's new?</a>

To enable the notifications for new releases, you need to also add the widget to the website. For that purpose, please copy the below code into your HTML. Do not forget to replace <YOUR_SLUG> with your changelog URL!

cf('create', '<YOUR_SLUG>');

That's it! 🎉 Your users will now always be up to date with new releases.

Disabling the notification dot

If you would like to disable the notification dot on a specific link, add a data-changefeed-widget="false" attribute to the HTML like so:

<a href="" data-changefeed-widget="false">
What's new
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